My name's Rafał Ruciński and I was born in a beautiful city of Szczecin, Poland. For the past few years I've been stuck in Warsaw.

I'm a front-end developer by trade. Currently I'm trying to make Codility more awesome.

After work I enjoy bouldering. From time to time I also play music on whatever instrument I have in my hands at the moment.

I have some projects on GitHub: @fatfisz.

Once every few years I take part in the js13kGames competition. So far I've created three games:

Fun facts:

  • Both people in Poland and outside of it usually write "fatfish" instead of "fatfisz" the first time. I have one troublesome nick, but it's a great conversation starter
  • I've been playing computer games since I was one year old (please don't judge me). Here are some of the games I currently play from time to time: Factorio, Oxygen Not Included, Terraria, and Dota 2 (a love-hate relationship)