Dual-mode React components with getDerivedStateFromProps

Over the past year React received a few new features that make developing apps easier. One of them is the getDerivedStateFromProps method, a replacement for componentWillReceiveProps. I don't need it 95% of the time, but when I do, I follow this pattern...
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Solving z-index with styled-components

Follow these simple steps if you don't want to guess the right z-index value ever again.
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Code highlighting and bundle optimizations

In this post I'll describe my experience with some of the existing code highlighting tools. I'll also add something extra about removing libraries from the script bundle while retaining their functionality.
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I made a thing: babel-plugin-jsx-svg-inject

Today I released version 5.0.0 of the babel-plugin-jsx-svg-inject plugin. Here's how it came to be.
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Using .babelrc.js today

You don't have to wait for Babel 7 in order to use the full power of JS for configuration! In this post I suggest a way of configuring that will require a minimum amount of work when upgrading to Babel 7.
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Color as a background image

Hi, welcome to my blog! I will be writing mostly about the front-end stuff, JS in general, and also a bit about what I do outside of work. I like to eat outside sometimes, so you can expect some posts with photos about places to eat in Warsaw. In this post, however, I won't be writing about food.
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